FoodYoga Consciousness Personal Instructor - Ashok

What all do you get

Personal yoga and diet sessions delivered by coaches live on your mobile
At home Training at your pace
Deeper & continuous assessment of progress on goals
24 x7 Q&A support from experts
Connect with global foodyogi community
Convenience of time and duration
Starting from Rs.21,000.00

Meet the coach

  • Name: Ashok
  • Yoga Certification: Masters in Yoga & Naturopathy, from Rishiskesh, India
  • Total Experience: 20 Years
  • Specialization: Weight Loss, PCOD, Joint Pains, Diabetes
  • Type of Yoga: Ashtanga, Vinayasa, Pranayam, Naturopathy
  • Languages: English, Hindi
  • Location: New Delhi

What's in it for you?

Set & achieve any wellness goals

Achieve any wellness goal - Sleep, stress, diabetes, hypertension, gut issues, PCOD, obesity etc.

Add quality years to your life

With right dincharya (day routine) & asanas you will not only live better but start enjoying your life

Gain Confidence

With a constant positive flow of enery and a healthy body & mind you will feel confident like never before

Balance 6 pillars of Yogic wellness

Understand your body and mind to balance 6 pillars of Yogic wellness based on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness

Enhanced Flexibility

Stretch your muscles and joints leading to greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility

Our philosophy

Pillars of Yogic Wellness
Food Pillar
  • Understand about the macros & micros needed by your body
  • Take on weekly challenges to incorporate yogic nutrition
Be a part of community
  • Become a part of like minded people community
  • Get support & motivation to keep you going

Who is this program for?

Sattviko personalized consciousness program can be attended by anyone aged 15 and above. No previous experience of yoga or agility is required.

Hear it from others

Bruna Meneghini
Yoga Teacher, New Zealand
What a brilliant idea to team up yogic food with yoga. Have been on the lookout for such products for a while now
Gunjan Agarwal
IP Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP, USA
Love to participate in the 108 SN challenge and fantastic products. I personally would love to take the membership for these products.
Sumeet Chilwal
CCO, Sattviko, India
The snacks are especially for yoga retreat, when we need to fuel our bodies for our outdoor yoga adventures. I am super grateful that now when I am on road or out for a retreat I don't have to rely solely nuts and seeds. These are very handy, easy to digest, and super tasty!.
FAQs About Program
The program takes place virtually via Zoom or Google meet. Your yoga guru will connect with you daily on a pre-decided time and will conduct your one to one session.
The sessions have to be completed in the given time frame of your subscription program. The left over sessions do not roll over and expire after that time. You can always re subscribe once the time frame expires.
You can schedule a call with the coach in the beginning of the program. You can coordinate with our team or the coach if you need to change the time in the middle of the program.
Our yoga gurus completely customize & personalize the program as per you. You can share all your pre-medical condition with the guru on the call and he/she will make the program accordingly.


7 Days

  • 3 Private Classes
  • Virtual Classes
  • Part of community

1 Month

  • 12 Private Classes
  • Virtual Classes
  • Part of community
Rs. 84000
Rs.62,930.00 (25% off)

8 Days

  • 24 Private Classes
  • Virtual Classes
  • Part of community
Rs. 168000
Rs.107,100.00 (36% off)