FoodYoga Foundation Program

What all do you get

Session delivered to your mobile
30 mins a day at your convenience
Gamified & exciting daily challenges
24 x7 Q&A support from experts
Connect with global foodyogi community
Duration: 7 Days
Starting from Rs.770.00

What's in it for you?

Get energized

Develop a constant flow of energy inside you that keeps you alert throughout the day

Improve Digestion

With right nutrition & right dincharya (day routine) you will experience significant improved gut health

Gain Confidence

With a constant positive flow of enery and a healthy body & mind you will feel confident like never before

Remain Stress free

Understand your body and mind to reduce stress, anxiety & lead a quality life

Enhanced Flexibility

Stretch your muscles and joints leading to greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility

Course Highlights

  • Learn Dincharya
    Learn the concept of yogic dincharya (daily life practices) and initiate towards adopting it
  • Introduction to FoodYoga
    Learn about yogic pillars of wellness and how to balance them using the combination of food and yoga.
  • Adopt SuryaYoga
    Learn asanas / yoga to align your internal energies with the potential of the sun, and to radiate a sunshine-like aura from within.
  • Define wellness goals
    Learn how to define your wellness (health) goals and create a plan to achieve it

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Our philosophy

Pillars of Yogic Wellness
Food Pillar
  • Understand about the macros & micros needed by your body
  • Take on weekly challenges to incorporate yogic nutrition
Be a part of community
  • Become a part of like minded people community
  • Get support & motivation to keep you going

Who is this program for?

Sattviko consciousness program can be attended by anyone aged 15 and above. No previous experience of yoga or agility is required.
FAQs About Program
Content of the programs are delivered directly to your mobile via whatsapp. You will receive daily / weekly challenges which you need to undertake & report at the end of the week.
Suggested duration of program is 4 Weeks. However you can finish the program at your own pace. To register click here
People with severe medical conditions or with conditions which restrict physical movement should avoid the program. If you have any mild condition and not sure, write to us at eat@sattviko.com


7 Days

  • 1 Week Long
  • Part of community